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2014 32pp Texte und Tone stapled booklet. Illustrated. NM.


Ltd. ed. 100 copies. Unvanished is a publication about Gef, a talking mongoose on the Isle of Man, who became famous for a short but intense period in the 1930s. Some claimed he was a cryptid, while others posited he was a poltergeist or even a hoax. In recent years, Gef's story has been revived and even the subject of an academic conference. Now sculptor, poet and performance artist Brian Catling, who collaborated with Tony Grisoni on a 1999 film about Gef, has written a meditation on this "unique, disturbing and comic enigma... one of the eeriest ghost stories that I have ever read." The publication includes two singular fictions by Catling — Outrage and Fishykins — that deep-probe the psychological landscapes from and into which Gef emerged.


Unvanished was produced on the occasion of Mith, Mithy, Magic, a series of performances, screenings and talks by Brian Catling in New York, 28-30 April 2014.

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