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Corinne Boyer: DREAM DIVINATION PLANTS Deluxe Edition

Corinne Boyer: DREAM DIVINATION PLANTS Deluxe Edition


Deluxe Edition 2022 76pp Three Hands Press. Illustrated by Peter Kohler. Full Moss-Green goatskin, with titling in gold to front board. Housed in slipcase. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 9/16. From prehistory, magic and religion have acknowledged the significance of dreams as a bridge to the spirit world, and over time developed practices for dream incubation. Many such practices involved plants sought to incept dreams of a prophetic nature, obtaining knowledge of future loves, fortunes, births and deaths.


In Dream Divination Plants , Corinne Boyer draws together many strands of plant folklore, focusing on the popular magic of dream-divination. Bringing old herbal traditions to life with modern insight and a practical approach, she examines the many ways of using flowers, fruits, branches and leaves to forge contact with the oneiric realm.


Previously published as a Law of Contagion monograph and now out of print, the work has been expanded with additional text and illustrations by Peter Köhler, as well as a new appendix of dream-generating procedures using approaches of practical plant magic.

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