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Elias Wilentz (Ed): THE BEAT SCENE

Elias Wilentz (Ed): THE BEAT SCENE


5th printing 1968 192pp Corinth Books trade paperback. Profusely illustrated with photographs by Fred McDarrah. Front cover very faded. Spine rubbed away badly in one area, damaged elsewhere on spine, rolled. Binding sound apart from between pages 66-67 where it is loosened. G+.


From the library of Spydeee Gasmantell, with his signature on prelims.Photographs, poetry, and short articles are of, or by; Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, Krim, O'hara, Joans, Corso, Galler, Orlovsky, Williams, Last, Jones, Hanlon, Koch, Goodman, Hart, Kupferberg, Di Prima, Morris, Bremser, Creeley, and more. Oddly there is no mention of Burroughs at all.

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