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G. McGaughry (ed): PILLARS 2/2 SEEDS OF ARES

G. McGaughry (ed): PILLARS 2/2 SEEDS OF ARES


1st 2020 192pp Anathema Publishing. Illustrated. Dark brown bookcloth, design and titling foiled in bronze. NM.


Ltd. ed.351/600. Includes CD inside rear board. Seeds of Ares explores the ‘martian’ side of magickal practice, and analyze phenomena of psychic violence, what it means to engage in transgressive and subversive art, to dive deep into shadow-work, to embrace the unconventional and the radical, the vicious and immoral, perhaps even the damning, and the taboo. To understand one’s wrath and conditioning, and the fearlessness that inspires work with such currents.

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