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Ian C. Edwards: BEING & NON-BEING VOL. 3

Ian C. Edwards: BEING & NON-BEING VOL. 3


1st 2023 182pp Atramentous Press. Pictorial boards. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 333 copies. Kenneth Grant and the vulture's cry. This volume will explore many of the key notions in Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, in particular aspects of his occult philosophy that were more salient in his later volumes, such as Outside the Circles of Time, Outer Gateways, and Beyond the Mauve Zone.


The introductory chapter will explore a Typhonian view of time, which brings together ontology and blasphemy. Paving the way for an occult anthropology that expands and even transgresses Martin Heidegger’s da-sein or being-in-the-world. (With Grant’s work, Edwards suggests that there is a shift from philosophical anthropology to occult anthropology). Here, the figure of Qayin is invoked as a sorcerous exemplar who “murders” a particular type of relationship to time and being, in the service of what Edwards has called, “sacravice,” as the “sacrifice of sacrifice,” andn “skinfulness” as a transgressive-transcendent relationship to “sinfulness.”

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