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Ludwig Klages: OF COSMOGONIC EROS 1st Edition

Ludwig Klages: OF COSMOGONIC EROS 1st Edition


1st 2018 270pp Theion Press. Cosmic blue cloth with design and titling foiled in silver. NM in NM dustwrapper.


Ltd. ed. 745 copies. This monograph is dedicated entirely to an in-depth examination of the mysteries of Eros and the most powerful forms of ecstasy. Here Klages presents a pandaemonic vision of becoming which is inextricably linked to an Eros whose elemental power shatters everyday consciousness and mates the individual to the secrets of the cosmos. The author seeks to restore Eros to his true status and function by carefully distilling his essence against all falsifications and distortions. Showing how Eros is related to Thanatos and integral to every true cultus of the dead and ancestral worship, Klages leaves no doubt that only the Eroto-Gnostic holds the keys to authentic Life and the daemonic empowerment of the Cosmos.

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