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2024 36pp 150x480mm stitched booklet. Illustrated throught in colour and gold. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 777 copies. The Calendrier Magique is a French publication from the late 19th century. Printed in only 777 copies 130 years ago, it primarily deals with occultism and black magic through the lens of astrology.


For the first time since its release, it has been reissued identically, in 777 copies. Its size, the use of gilding, the paper used—everything has been done to ensure that the experience of consulting this document closely resembles the original.

It consists of 36 pages, printed in 5 tones, and is accompanied by an exclusive and independent booklet containing the transcription and translation into English of all the texts contained in the calendar.


It was commissioned to the poet Austin de Croze and the poster illustrator Manuel Orazi and published in 1895 by the Maison de l'Art Nouveau in Paris, at a time when esoteric spiritualities and dark romanticism were popular trends in the capital.


For each double-page of the calendar illustrating a month, there is a set of diagrams highlighting information related to astrology, as well as incantatory poems and full-page illustrations, all drawn and calligraphed by Manuel Orazi.

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