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Martin Duffy: EFFIGY Deluxe Binder's Proof

Martin Duffy: EFFIGY Deluxe Binder's Proof


Deluxe edition 2015 558pp Three Hands Press. Illustrated by Raven Ebner. Quarter mahogany goat over rust boards. Design and titling foiled in gold. NM, housed in brown cloth slipcase.


Ltd. ed. designated "BP 3." (Binder's Proof 3) Originally issued in an edition of 63, this is a binder's proof and has been housed in a cloth slipcase (as oppoosed to the paper covered boards of the original). Many years in the works and thoroughly researched, Effigy is an exhaustive compendium of image magic, viewed particularly through the lens of witchcraft, and the sorcery and folk magic of Britain. As a cartography of magical simulacra, it meticulously examines the broad range of magical effigy types, their materials and methods of construction, as well as the spells used to awaken and empower them.

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