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Michael Idehall: THE HOUSE OF FLAMES

Michael Idehall: THE HOUSE OF FLAMES


1st nd 68pp Ajna Bound 12" hardback. Illustrated throughout by the author. CD inserted inside rear cover. Red cloth with design and titling foiled in gold. NM.


Ltd. ed. 96 copies. The House of Flames contains two intersecting books: Tavulaxa and Glyphï. Tavulaxa details 11 mythological concepts of the Draconian current and navigational sigilisations that assist the reader in connecting the mystery to the accompanying sound composition. Glyphï consists of 23 channelings of automatic ink drawings and oracular texts. The third component is an indexing diagram called The Circle of Sight which is a matrix displaying how the different oracles, sigils, and sound compositions correspond to each other.

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