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Pan.Zos Pagurus: A BOOK OF SHADOWS

Pan.Zos Pagurus: A BOOK OF SHADOWS


1st 2008 128pp Teitan Press. Facsimile edition, illustrated throughout. Black cloth with designand titling in white. Slight know to top rear corner else VG+.


Ltd. ed. 176/400. In April 1976, pan.zos pagurus was accepted into a witchcraft coven in Surrey, England. At the time of his initiation he was loaned the manuscript of a "Book of Shadows" which he was told was a traditional work central to "the Craft," and which he was required to transcribe by hand for his own use. Although he didn't then know it, the text was derived from a copy belonging to the so-called "Father of modern Wicca," Gerald Gardner, who many now suggest was actually its author. A Book of Shadows, as it is here published contains that text, as well as the "rites and structures of the seasonal ceremonies," that were given to pan.zos at a later stage. Initiates were also encouraged to personalize their book, so pan.zos added in a series of images and diary doodlings that were inspired by ceremonies and studies over a three year period. During this time he was also deeply drawn into the worlds and work of Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley, whose influence show both in the Spare-inspired "embellishments," and the frequent quotations from their works.

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