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Peter J. Carroll & Matt Kaybryn: EPOCH & Cards

Peter J. Carroll & Matt Kaybryn: EPOCH & Cards


1st 2014 212pp Arcanorium College landscape hardback. Illustrated in colour throughout. NB. Nasty dent to top of front board (see photo) else NM.


Included is the full set of The Portals of Chaos cards (230 x 145mm) NM, along with a small (75 x 125mm) print titled Spare World?, ltd. ed. 88/127, signed by Carroll and Kaybryn on the reverse, still in sealed glassine envelope.


The text presents three complete grimoires;

The first grimoire of Elemental magic deals with modern practical magicaltechniques and the classical and modern interpretations of the traditionalelemental symbolism.

The second grimoire of Planetary magic deals with the Pagan and Neo-Paganmagical archetypes or 'god-forms', their contemporary roles in the humancondition, and how the magician can access them for their inspiration and toborrow their abilities.

The third grimoire of Stellar magic deals with the 'Elder Gods', those fociof awesome and dangerous extraterrestrial knowledge and power that await us in the vast deep reaches of the cosmos. This grimoire constitutes the latest upgrade to the ever evolving Necronomicon.

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