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Peter Mark Adams: HAGIA SOPHIA

Peter Mark Adams: HAGIA SOPHIA


1st 2023 240pp Scarlet Imprint hardback. Illustrated with photographs. Bound in shimmering ivory cloth stamped in gold, inlay panel on front, custom endpapers. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 720 copies. Hagia Sophia / Sanctum of Kronos: Spiritual Dissent in an Age of Tyranny is a study of the esoteric doctrines and spiritual traditions encoded within the Hagia Sophia, as manifested in its structural and decorative design.  The Hagia Sophia is one of the world’s most iconic buildings, but its origins in Late Antiquity conceal a sacred mystery preserved in the face of rising Christian tyranny. It is a building that encodes its spiritual agenda, in stone, resonance and light. Peter Mark Adams has lived for thirty years in sight of the Hagia Sophia, and has turned his expertise to decoding the teachings expressed in the sacred architecture, materials, light and geometries of this remarkable and compelling edifice.

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