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2014 98pp Von Zos. Illustrated. Brick-red cloth with design and titling foiled in silver. Boards starting to bow outwards very slightly else NM.


Ltd. ed. 9/10. Originally issued in a total of 133 copies, this one is designated "T/E" and is one of 10 copies only that were issued at the Treadwell's launch. Postcard with limitation signed by Jan Magee and Christina Oakley Harrington loosely inserted. Also includes an additional small booklet Earthing Nu-Aset by Caroline Wise, which is signed on the front (NB some spotting). Caroline Wise and Michael Staley have also signed on the first page of their respective essays.


Kenneth Grant was probably the most innovative occultist of the post-Crowley age. There is little in the contemporary occult world that doesn’t bear his influence to some degree. Be it his development of the work of Aleister Crowley, his promotion and analysis of his friend Austin Osman Spare, the towering achievement of his Trilogies or his output of fantastic fiction, Grant achieved in his lifetime what few others could.

The essays in this book are not meant to be definitive nor to exist as an ‘explanation’ of anything. Rather they are an interim remembrance and discussion of the man and his work by people who knew both well.

The contributors include Michael Staley, Edward Gauntlet, Alaster Aleph, Caroline Wise, Richard Ward and Mike Magee.

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