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Two volumes 2018 273pp ea. Hellfire Club Books. Illustrated in colour. First volume bound in dark green toad-effect sangrain, companion volume green cloth. Both with design and titling foiled in gold. Issued without slipcase. NM.


Ltd. ed. 191/251, though probably a lot less issued (despite being paid for) due to Hellfire Club publisher Loughran being sued for breach of contract and generally being Loughran...


A colour facsimile of a lost (i.e. destroyed and pieced back together) notebook, together with a full transcript in companion volume. The notebook contains material reflecting the hereditary witchcraft traditions of Northern England, the rituals and practices of both Gardnerian Wicca and later Alexandrian Witchcraft, as well as the teachings of Aleister Crowleys sexual magick, the ‘Key of Solomon’ and instructions for ritual and spiritual practices culled from surviving lineages of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Loosely inserted is an invitation to an evening with Maxine Sanders, plus sundry Hellfire Club leaflets.

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