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THE HELLFIRE CLUB 1763 Deluxe Edition

THE HELLFIRE CLUB 1763 Deluxe Edition


nd 256pp Hellfire Club Books. Illustrated. Full ebony kidskin, hand gilt with 22 carat gold leaf. Plum coloured silk endpapers gilt with the Inner Temple Lamp of the Hell Fire Club, inner leaves of period marbled paper hand made at Payhembury studio, all three edges of the book hand stained in plum ink, dashed with scarlet and an irregular pattern of Dutch Gold applied by hand. NM in plum silk covered slipcase.


Ltd. ed. 15/22. Letterpress card and other Hellfire Club leaflets loosely inserted. The lure of devil worship, debauchery blasphemy and pornography… Being the complete illustrated account of the vile and infamous essay on woman 1763.


Using sheets taken from Adrian Hamilton's study The Infamous Essay on Woman, or John Wilkes seated between Vice and Virtue originally published by Andre Deutsch in 1972. A detailed and profusely illustrated account of the scandal that exposed the Hell Fire Club.

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