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Timothy Leary: HIGH PRIEST

Timothy Leary: HIGH PRIEST


2nd printing 1968 450pp College Notes & Texts Inc trade paperback. Illustrated by Allen Atwell and Michael Green. Binding tight. Spine faded and cresed, covers rubbed, stain to foredge of text block (not affecting text). G+.


From the library of Spydeee Gasmantell, with his signature on prelims. “The events related in this history reflect the collective consciousness and collaborative behavior of several thousand people— spiritual researchers who have shared dark confusions and bright hopes, given their emotion, muscle, brain, and risked scorn and social isolation to pursue the psychedelic yoga.” - so says the introduction.


The book documents 16 different trips, these include number 4 - with Aldous Huxley (author of the Doors of Perception a seminal work on LSD), number 6 - Alan Ginsberg and number 11 with W. S. Burroughs. (I’d read The Yagé Letters by Burroughs and Ginsberg, a book about a tortuous search for yagé, which is an ingredient of ayahuasca…they had serious form with hallucinogenics as well as opiates). Every trip document begins with a hexagram explained, then is described in parallel columns. I bought the book because I had heard and read about Leary but only at a superficial level. Great marketing slogan “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out”. So was Leary a proselytiser, a singular visionary, or an admittedly smart, but phoney, acid head? Read the book and decide for yourself.

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