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1st 2020 120pp Ararita House small paperback. NEW.


Ulysses Black draws on his experiences and encounters with cults and their members to explore whether any of the enthralling and seemingly 'empowering' qualities seen in the fervour of the cult members can be transferred and applied to general ritual practice. There are without a doubt for better or worse qualities that both cults and rituals share... the question is can we learn from this? The book follows the basic trajectory of an individual becoming embroiled in a cult - form initial context with the material or personages through to deep involvement and degrees by which the cult can 'brainwash' its members. Themes covered over the 32 short chapters include oath-making, community acceptance, belonging, obedience, indoctrination and many many more. Each chapter describes the quality seen in cultic behaviour, befor then giving a speculative 'Ritual Context' in which useful paralells are sought before presenting a final 'Ritual Rule' intended to be generally applicable to any and all ritual practitioners, to ultimately enhance individual practitioners relationship with their rite whatever that might be. Though the book is ultimately aimed at ritual practitioners and students, it is likely to be of interest to both fans of cultic studies and given the authors own background, esoteric ritual practitioners, magicians, witches etc.

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