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Aleister Crowley: THE BOOK OF CHANGES

Aleister Crowley: THE BOOK OF CHANGES


nd 1970s 68pp Metaphysical Research Group (MRG) Small (5.5 x 4 ins) paperback. Grey card covers. Bent corners on front cover. Large fold back cover. Covers generally show signs of use. Binding inside front cover overglued and slightly split inside back cover. Some rubbing on spine. VG.


From the library of Spydeee Gasmantell, with his signature on prelims. A new translation of the Book of Changes by The Master Therion. A condensed version to interpret hexagrams. “The Yi King (I Ching) is mathematical and philosophical in form, the structure is similar to that of the Qabalah; the actual apparatus is simple and five minutes is sufficient to obtain a fairly detailed answer to any but the most obscure questions.” quote from inside cover


When living in Prince Street, Hull Cosey, Gen and me spent an afternoon down by the River Humber collecting yarrow (thought to be a sacred plant, nowadays considered as a pernicious weed) under the direction of Tim Poston. Then, back to Prince Street where we chopped the stalk into even segments, stripped the bark from one side and spent the afternoon throwing hexagrams. Tim then interpreted them with his own copy of the I Ching. I reconnected with Tim in later life and am very glad I did. RARE.

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