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Alexander Cummins et al (ed): CYPRIANA: OLD WORLD

Alexander Cummins et al (ed): CYPRIANA: OLD WORLD


1st 2017 Rubedo Press trade paperback. NEW.


SAINT CYPRIAN of Antioch and (to a far lesser extent) SAINT JUSTINA of Antioch have recently been the focus of a resurgence of interest in the English-speaking world. It has been remarked that they stand at a crossroads of the so-called Old and New Worlds, forming an intermediary nexus of Christian thaumaturgy and older pagan mysteries. The former, an infernal sorcerer-saint and patron of occultists whose influence stretches across the globe from Iberian necromancy manuals to Brazilian macumba, and from Scandinavian Black Books to Mexican curanderismo; the latter, a celestial patroness of exorcism and elevation, redeemer of the wayward, and protector of the innocent. This collection explores aspects of the historicity of Cyprianic history, folklore, and magic while charting new expressions of veneration and patronage within various spiritual traditions and sorcerous practices across the world, tracing the globe-spanning influence of Cyprian and Justina in texts, dedications, oral traditions, medicines, and poisons. In particular, we have sought to honour extant Cyprianic traditions outside the English-speaking world and well beyond the cavalcading circular conversation of internet talking-shops.

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