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Alkistis Dimech (ed): HOWLINGS Unique Copy

Alkistis Dimech (ed): HOWLINGS Unique Copy


1st 2008 210pp Scarlet Imprint. Illustrated. Turquoise cloth with design and titling foiled in gold. Small knock to top of front board else NM.


Ltd. ed. 161/333. Anthology of 18 texts examining grimoires such as The Goetia, The Picatrix, The Greek Magical Papyri, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook and more. This copy is unique because it it signed by at least eight contributors and also features a full page original sketch by the late Rob Agasucci (aka Stafford Stone). Signed by editor Alkistis Dimech and essayists Peter Grey, Stafford Stone, Jack MacBeth, David Beth, Pharaon, Krzysztof Azerewicz, Paul Hughes Barlow and Z. Gulamhusein.

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