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1st 2022 76pp Three Hands Press small hardback in dustwrapper. Illustrated by Peter Kohler. NEW.


Special offer while stocks last, with every purchase of a Three Hands Press herbalism related title (including The Witches Cabinet, Dream Divination Plants, Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism, Plants of the Devil and The Green Mysteries) we will include a small sachet of an important magical herb in dried form for you to get to know and work with, courtesy of Midian team member, artist and plant kingdom disciple, Eleni Avraam.


From prehistory, magic and religion have acknowledged the significance of dreams as a bridge to the spirit world, and over time developed practices for dream incubation. Many such practices involved plants sought to incept dreams of a prophetic nature, obtaining knowledge of future loves, fortunes, births and deaths. In Dream Divination Plants , Corinne Boyer draws together many strands of plant folklore, focusing on the popular magic of dream-divination. Bringing old herbal traditions to life with modern insight and a practical approach, she examines the many ways of using flowers, fruits, branches and leaves to forge contact with the oneiric realm.


Previously published as a Law of Contagion monograph and now out of print, the work has been expanded with additional text and illustrations by Peter Kohler, as well as a new appendix of dream-generating procedures using approaches of practical plant magic.

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