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Daniel Schulke and Robert Fitzgerald: VIA TORTUOSA

Daniel Schulke and Robert Fitzgerald: VIA TORTUOSA


1st 2018 160pp Xoanon hardback in letterpress dustwrapper. 10 original drawings by Jim Dunk. Full carmine cloth with design foiled in gold. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 488/496. Loosely inserted is the (rare) original fold-out card prospectus. Via Tortuosa is a grimoire elaborating the occult ontology of Crooked Path Sorcery by three initiates of the order. Its diverse by-ways and their spheres of gnosis are examined through essay and allegory, including The Opposer, The Serpent of Eld, The Crooked Step, the Transfiguration of the New Flesh and the Embrace of the Other. The Mysterium is set forth in three sections: Exegesis, Prayer, and The Parables of the Exiled. The whole is illustrated with ten original drawings by Jim Dunk, each embodying the aberrant hypostases of the Crooked Gods.

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