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2022 206pp Cubic Stone trade paperback. NEW.


Written within the framework of the Western esoteric tradition, this book brings to- gether two of the most groundbreaking, thought-provoking and original texts on ritual magic written over the last century: Dare to Make Magic and The New Guide to the Magic of Time and Space.


David Edwards has always practised what he preaches and so within these pages will be found time-tested keys to supercharge your own vision of what magic can be, if you take the necessary time to assimilate its teachings. In Part 1: Dare to Make Magic, you are given the necessary building-blocks for self-initiation all the way up to Adeptus Minor, using the Tree of Life model; in Part 2: The New Guide to the Magic of Time and Space, a new and evolving model is given. Within this new system there is no graded structure; you receive what you are able to receive. From this point of view it can be usefully employed as an adjunct to the Qabalistic system.


Starting from simple visualisations to some of the most complex and involved rituals you will ever experience, you are taken on a magical journey from the ancient workings of the Qabalah to the new tradition of Time and Space magic. Highly effective means of establishing inner-plane contacts are provided which can empower the magician to accomplish their personal objectives. By so doing they will also aid the involution of spiritual forces to our plane of existence.


Featuring two brand-new chapters that will enhance and progress you further along your magical journey, A Testament to Magic stands as a fitting tribute to the magical genius of its author. Both the novice beginning on the path and experienced practitioners searching for modern and innovative techniques will find what they seek within.


Along with his close friend Robert Turner, David was a founding member of the Order of the Cubic Stone, an occult group they started in 1965.

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