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David Keenan & Han Bennink & Peter Brotzmann: SCHWARZWALDFAHRT 1977

David Keenan & Han Bennink & Peter Brotzmann: SCHWARZWALDFAHRT 1977


1st 2022 120pp Trost sqyare paperback. Illustrated in black & white throughout. CD in plastic sleeve inside rear cover. NM.


Signed by Keenan on title page. Schwarzwaldfahrt (Black or Dark Forest Ride in German) is an iconic and seminal free jazz meets free improvisation of Peter Brötzmann and Han Bennink, originally released by FMP in 1977. Brötzmann and Bennink already played together in the legendary trio with pianist Fred Van Hove, and this was their second recording as a duo (Ein halber hund kann nicht pinkeln, FMP, 1977, was recorded about two months earlier), out of six duo albums (the last one is In Amherst 2006, BRÖ, 2008, not including assorted tracks in compilations and other ad-hoc formats up until recently), and is part of their long-term, close music bond.


Schwarzwaldfahrt is still special due to the unique manner that it was conceived and recorded. Brötzmann and Bennink recorded the album in three days in June 1977, completely in the open air, at the mythic and gloomy German Black Forest, using a vintage Japanese, portable reel-to-reel Stellavox recorder. Bennink and Brötzmann were duetting with the birds, playing in the water, drumming on great natural xylophones made of logs and catching the sounds of airplanes strafing the skies. Their instruments list included e-flat clarinet, b-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, birdcalls, viola, banjo, cymbals, wood, trees, sand, land, water and air.

The re-release of this album - as a 120-page black and white photo book plus a disc - proves that 

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