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Frater Acher: HOLY DAIMON 1st Edition

Frater Acher: HOLY DAIMON 1st Edition


1st 2018 180pp Scarlet Imprint. Illustrated. Earthen grey bookcloth stamped in black and gold, with embossed black endpapers. NM.


Ltd. ed. 302/600. This first volume of Frater Acher’s Holy Daimon cycle is the result of more than ten years of ritual and theoretical magical research, and is comprised of three parts: History, Memory and Practice, providing a well-grounded introduction, as well as a practical path to creating communion with one’s holy daimon.  Rather than drawing on Abramelin or Crowley’s Liber Samekh , Frater Acher returns to the source, analysing the daimon as it was experienced in three cultures, Chaldean, Zoroastrian and Ancient Greek. These give a necessary overview to contextualise the material that follows, and restores the daimon to its central place in the journey of attainment. 

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