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Frater Firestone (ed): THE MONOLITH, AN ANTHOLOGY

Frater Firestone (ed): THE MONOLITH, AN ANTHOLOGY


1st 2022 304pp Monolith trade paperback. Illustrated. NEW.


At the start of the 1960s two young men came together driven by their insatiable passion for all things occult. Little did they know that within five years they would have kick-started a magical revival and create one of the most celebrated, and arguably most innovative magical groups, to emerge since the demise of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn: the Order of the Cubic Stone was born! Published between 1967 and 1983, The Monolith was the official journal of the OCS. Intended to promote the Order’s bold and progressive approach to ceremonial magic, it featured research notes, rituals, reproductions of rare manuscripts, original essays, poetry and artwork, all enhanced by insights born of experience. It wasn’t long before such luminaries as Dr Israel Regardie, Francis X. King and Colin Wilson were beating a path to their door, drawn by the young magician’s obvious talents; both King ( Ritual Magic in England ) and Wilson ( The Occult ) would go on to feature material in their books.


For many who come to this volume for the first time, it should be pointed out how rare (in fact, very rare) it is to find copies of The Monolith ; even that august institution the British Museum houses an incomplete set. This Anthology edition brings together the very best of what the publication had to offer. It is with no vain boast we say, that it has never been equalled since. There is a breadth and depth to the articles that clearly marked the Order out as something that was very special. Upon perusing the articles within, we feel that you may well conclude that ‘if only’ you had got to them just a little bit earlier; for it is written in the stars that: Wisdom is the Father of Power.

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