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Jake Stratton-Kent: THE TRUE GRIMOIRE Paperback

Jake Stratton-Kent: THE TRUE GRIMOIRE Paperback


2022 265pp Scarlet Imprint trade paperback. Illustrated. NEW.


A stunning production. The first volume of Jake Stratton-Kent’s Encyclopaedia Goetica is a reconstruction of the Grimorium Verum from the corrupted Italian and French versions of the grimoire. The True Grimoire comprises a coherent and eminently workable system of goetic magic, with extensive commentary and notes by a practicing necromancer.


The second edition appears thirteen years after the True Grimoire was first published, in which time it has become a critical and foundational work of the current magical revival. The new edition is augmented by two previously published and out of print essays by the author:  The Spell for Success gives a comprehensive analysis of a key part of the Grimorium Verum ritual, which it shares  with a number of other Solomonic works, but which originates conceptually in pre-Solomonic magic; and The Conjuration of Nebiros , which details a complete conjuration from the author’s personal work, illustrating the entire process and contextualising it.

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