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1st 2023 236pp Temporal Boundary Press hardback in dustwrapper. NEW.


Ltd.ed.434 copies,includes CD Awaking into the Colour Wheel


“This is a profound DreamSong from one of the most immaculate and individual artists I have ever known, or known of.”- David Tibet


Michael Cashmore is one of the most significant and celebrated musicians in the England’s Hidden Reverse milieu. He is probably best known for his work with Current 93 although his 1994 album Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude is regarded by many as the high point of the neofolk genre. In 2017 he formed The Hidden Throne 434 and began exploring some of the ideas now codified in his new book.


Transformation Through Love is a theory and praxis of instinctive Mysticism in the form of poetic symbolism, speculative metaphysics and biographical vignettes. These insights into life and Mysticism weave together a web of interconnecting truths and speculations, and provide a meditative guidebook for positivity without expectation, and compassion.


"I am communicating with ghosts right now, they are conducting my music, they dictate where I must place my fingers upon keys to make melodies to reach hearts, to create frequencies that alter consciousness and beats to make people move. This is an act of pure Love."


The book comes with a CD of Michael’s new album, Awaking into the Colour Wheel. It was created to demonstrate the formula Brutal Beauty + Beautiful Brutality = Intensity. The album was specially recorded to accompany the book and will never be released in any other form.

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