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Richard Gavin: THE INFERNAL MASQUE Auric Edition

Richard Gavin: THE INFERNAL MASQUE Auric Edition


Auric Edition 2022 157pp Theion Publishing. Full deep red leather, black and gold embossing on front and back boards, gold lettering on spine, NM, housed in marbled paper covered slipcase.


Ltd. ed. 39/58. The Infernal Masque explores the vital interplay between primordial darkness and infernal fire. It is the dynamic tension between these two elements that creates the sublime frisson within the flesh and soul of the Initiate, immersing them in the ecstatic tempest of daemonic reality. So awakened, one may consult the legions of the Dead, commune with spirits and eventually participate in the grand danse macabre that is the Infernal Masque itself.

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