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Timothy Green Beckley: THE CONSPIRACY SUMMIT

Timothy Green Beckley: THE CONSPIRACY SUMMIT


1999 approx 110pp (printed one side only) Inner Light Publications 4to paperback. Illustrated. Light blue wraps slightly rubbed at edges else VG+.


Based on transcripts recorded at the National Alien and Cosmic Conspiracy Conference held in Phoenix and San Diego, a dozen conspiracy researchers meet to discuss the latest information concerning the New World Order and other secret societies. Included among the experts are "Retired Air Force Pilot Mel Noel who claims that while flying jet fighter he made radio contact with UFO beings" Alfred Bielek, Philadelphia Experiment survivor etc. And a special section involving the experiences of decorated Army Intelligence Specialist Vance Davis whose UFO related story made front page headlines when he an a group of military specialists went AWOL because of messages they had reportedly received from other worldly sources. Also material about the controversial Bill Cooper.


included is a stapled catalogue of many more conspiracy related titles.

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