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Expanded 2012 (2023) edition 104pp Ararita House 4to paperback. Printed on glossy paper and illustrated in colour throughout with photographs, diagrams and artwork. NEW.


Ltd. ed. 200 copies. Explorations in Mythology & The Pursuit of Authentic Action. A record of a Magical Campaign 2008-2009. Originally intended to be issued in this expanded edition in 2012 but unpublished, until now. As the author states: "Between 2008-2009 I under went a profound personal change. I had spent many years exploring magical and esoteric realities, subjecting myself and my friends to all manner of weird rituals, all, ultimately, with the aim of coming into a deep and clear understanding of who I was in my totality. In 2008, I did something that served as the catalyst for that very realisation. And it was nothing like I expected. Following that life changing event, I subjected myself to a campaign of intense and weird magico-live-art performances, in which through embodiment I explored and integrated this new me.


The process and results were set down in a book entitled the Voyage of Ulysses Black, which maps the series of 9 ‘Explorations in Mythology’ that helped me externalise internal alchemy and ultimately discover a new aesthetic for myself. In 2011 I wrote the expanded and completed version of that book, adding in the final two ‘Explorations in Mythology’, and bringing some more nuanced insights into the mix. But then, as I became immersed in my MA which served as the next phase of this working, the finished book languished in digital form on a hard drive… where over the years it gradually became lost to me. Another of my books that will never see the light of day.


Until recently, when a chance encounter revealed its existence buried deep in folders… and now, after 11 years (a suitable number for Magicians) its period of silence has passed and it is here, at last, in full manifestation. Ironically, it comes a period in my life when a more matured mind - and certainly body! - gives me cause, not simply to revisit the adventures of my past, but to reflect on where this takes into the future. If you are interested in Magick, this book will show you how I transformed very traditional ideas into a vibrant and emergent method of magically derived performance art. Equally, if you are interested in Live Art (Performance Art) this book will show how i incorporated a deeply personal journey of transformation into my public Happenings. Either way, it is an honest and candid biographical piece about how i became the person i am today, and I hope you find it interesting."

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